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Vijaykumar Maddela (Knowledge with LogiXs)

Education system in worldwide is highly emphasized on scoring marks and getting a job in a big corporate and less focused on logical based learning or understanding about the subject matter. Am sure every one of us have come a across, where a qualified person is unable to demonstrate his/her knowledge in a logical manner, this is due to either lack of logical understanding of subject or lack practical exposure.

Knowledge can be acquired in many ways and from many sources, but without logical understanding of knowledge is not effective as much as it should have been.

Knowledge is the key to success of any person, but mere accumulation of facts cannot be termed as knowledge. It should be supported by LogiXs such as Why? Where? When? How? Etc

About knowledge in Sanskrit, it is said that “Na chora haaryam, na cha raja haaryam, na bhraatr bhaajyam, na cha bharakaari Vyaye krute vardhat eva nityam vidhyadhanam sarvadhana pradhanam” Means (Knowledge cannot be stolen by thieves, nor can it be taken away by the kings. It cannot be divided among brothers; it does not have a weight. If spent regularly, it always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth of all).



Therefor I tried to share the knowledge through my web portal www.TheLogiXs.Com (Knowledge with LogiXs).

The basic objective of this portal is to share knowledge based on LogiXs in various sectors such as Finance, Financial markets, Taxation, Legal, Insurance, Banking, Economy, Current affairs, and General Knowledge etc

TheLogiXs.Com is a knowledge-based portal where I tried to explain things in a manner that are logical and easy to understand, also efforts are made to explain the topic with examples so that a layman can also understand the same.

I would require your valuable feedback and suggestions so please feel free to connect with me at Connect@thelogixs.Com

Vijaykumar Maddela

Founder of TheLogixs.Com (Knowledge with LogiXs)